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IDK Magazine Logo

I was asked to design the logo, cover, and cover story spread for the premier issue of IDK, a New Orleans focused magazine with a college demographic. Based on the demographic, I wanted to create a slick logo that portrayed a carefree, young vibe. I went with my own loose scripting handwriting after a series of drafts.

IDK Magazine Cover

As for the magazine's visual aesthetic, I wanted to use a really bright, almost neon, color scheme. I also wanted the cover to have an in your face attitude. I arrived at the primary three piece color scheme from the featured artist's jacket. I should mention that I selected New Orleans-based rapper Pell to headline the cover. I highly modified a picture from one of his photo shoots for this piece.

IDK Magazine Cover Story Spread
Cover Story Spread

The article, again chosen by me, details Pell's rise from the underground rap scene in New Orleans. To illustrate this, I went with a space aesthetic that expands upon the visuals from the cover of his mixtape Floating While Dreaming. Outside of Pell himself and the written article, the spread is of my own creation from various space-based assets in my library.

IDK Magazine Cover Story Spread Zoomed In